How To Care For Your Chihuahua At Home

Chihuahua's are a toy breed of dog that originated in Mexico.  These cute dogs with a small stature and large ears are great dogs for a person who has limited space.  They also do not require extensive grooming and are a great companion who is very loyal.  Chihuahua's have a long life span, so if you are a Chihuahua owner you are going to have to provide care for your dog for 15 years or more.  It is very important to understand every aspect of Chihuahua care so you can provide the happiest life possible for your little companion.

Dietary Needs

Chihuahua's are a small dog, but that doesn't mean you can skimp on the food.  Feeding a Chihuahua is about a balance between ensuring they get enough food for energy, but not too much to cause obesity.  A Chihuahua's diet should be full of protein and short on fat.  Due to their high metabolism and active lifestyle, Chihuahua's need to eat three or more small meals per day.  Their weight should be steady between 2 to 6 pounds.  Your Chihuahua should have a small waist with ribs slightly visible.  Watch giving him too many fatty treats and make sure the dog food you feed him is also low fat to avoid obesity, which can lead to many health problems.


For the most part Chihuahua's are a watch dog packed into a small package.  They love to bark at strangers or strange noises.  However, their career as a watch dog falls short – that is they are just to small to be a real threat.  They are very smart and learn quickly, so training is often fun.  They are a loving dog, who rarely tries to bite or attack.  They are good with children, but must be supervised as they are easily hurt.  They are also friendly to other dogs, but as with children, should be watched around larger dogs, who may not be aware of their size, like a Saint Bernard. 

You will find in your Chihuahua's care that he becomes an instant companion.  Chihuahua's tend to pick one person with whom they are especially close.  They will protect and follow this person always.  They become almost like a shadow.  They also love to cuddle under the blankets and will burrow into your bed every chance they get.  You may also notice throw rugs being messed up as they love to lay under them too.


Chihuahua's grooming care is quite easy.  They require little coat care, aside form occasionally bathing and grooming.  They, in fact, keep themselves rather clean.  They rarely smell like a dog, too. The hardest part of Chihuahua grooming care is clipping their nails as most Chihuahua's hate it.  However, you should easily be able to gain your dogs trust and will soon find grooming to be a pleasant routine.

Special Concerns

Keeping your Chihuahua safe is going to be the most important aspect of Chihuahua care.  Their small size opens them up to many possible injuries that wouldn't normally be a concern with a larger breed.  Chihuahua's can be quite easy to sit or step on, especially if they are hiding under a blanket or rug.  You must always make sure to check for him to prevent accidents.  Chihuahua's also are born with a soft spot on their head that sometimes does not close.  You have to be aware of this and avoid petting too hard on his head.  Falls are a big danger to small breeds.  A fall from a height of more six inches can cause major injuries in a Chihuahua.  You need to make sure your house is Chihuahua friendly.  Put up barriers to stairs or steps so he won't be likely to accidentally fall.

Caring for your Chihuahua is almost like caring for an infant.  You have to always know where he is and watch him like a hawk.  They can be rather mischievous and will gleefully tear out trash form the trash can or, like a child, get into things they shouldn't.  You will find that caring for a Chihuahua is one of the most rewarding experiences.  Part of good Chihuahua care includes training, for more on Chihuahua training read 'Chihuahua Training'.



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