Chihuahua Training

Training dogs is not something that is standard for every dog. Each breed has their own style and temperament that dictates the training approach.  While each dog is unique and has his own personality, the breed of the dog will really tell you how to go about training. Chihuahua training needs to be done in a positive and authoritative manner, no matter what type of personality your pup has.

It is important to keep in mind throughout Chihuahua training that your pup is very intelligent.  Chihuahua’s learn fast and are quite easy to train.  If you are having difficulties it could be your approach that is the problem, not the dog.  In fact, the right approach can make Chihuahua training of any kind easy.

Things To Keep In Mind

There are some main things you have to keep in mind when training Chihuahua’s. The main thing is their size.  You never want to use a leash or choke chain on a Chihuahua.  Their treacha can be easily damaged by pulling too tightly against their throat.  If you are wanting to use something, use a harness.   You should also be aware that since Chihuahua’sare so smart that they will get bored easily if you do not move swiftly through training exercises.

The Approach

Chihuahua training should be very positive and upbeat.  Chihuahua’s do not respond well to scolding or punishment and doing so could easily thorough the whole training process off track.  You should also take the role of being a guide to the dog, not a Drill Sargent.  Chihuahua’s have a stubborn nature that will surely surface if you try to force him to do something.  Instead offer the suggestion, let him know what to do and let him follow your lead.  It may seem like a time consuming approach, but remember they learn quick.

Rewards should also be a part of your Chihuahua training.  They really respond well to being rewarded with a treat from god behavior.  Positive reinforcement is a very good tool with any dog, but Chihuahua’s especially will work hard if they know there is a treat for doing something.  Just make sure your dog is not training on a full stomach or he may not respond as well.

Your training should be on a regular schedule.  Try also not to spend too long on training sessions for obedience training.  For potty training you must be constant.  Make sure your pup knows you are trying to teach him something and he’ll be more likely to respond.

You should have fun while training your Chihuahua.  He should have fun, too, so be sure to follow the guidelines above or else training could be difficult and a bad time for everyone.  Once you understand the basics of Chihuahua training you can move onto the specifics.  Next up is ‘Chihuahua Obedience Training‘.

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